Acrylic Sealant
It is single component acrylic sealant, easy to apply, high performance silicone weather resistant sealant.


· Used for assembly wood, PVC, iron and aluminium joinery, also the stone, wood, concerete, plaster and brick works.

· Suitable for all kinds of sealing of window and door frame3. All kinds of doors and Windows glass installation, sealing.

· Instructions for use: the surface to be sealed must be dry, clean, dust-free and grease-free. Cut nozzles to size as required. Non-porous substrates require solvent and clean wireless cotton cloth for cleaning treatment. This product provides good adhesion to most materials such as glass, ceramics, cement, aluminum, steel, zinc, wood and most plastics. Due to the variety of base materials, the user should conduct suitability test before construction. For surfaces that are difficult to adhere to, use a primer, not for structural assembly.

Shelf life

12 months.


· ±20% displacement capability.

· Water based, non-corrosive.

· Excellent weather resistance.

· Water, wind and moisture resistant on aluminum, wood and PVC frames and windows.


300 ml/cartridge, 24 cartridges/carton; 590 ml/sausage, 20 sausages/carton.


White, black, grey and others as requested.