JingMao will give full play to their own advantages, adhering to the "with the market, management and the world" the enterprise idea, the ongoing technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation and management innovation to continue to develop more meet the demands of the future development of all kinds of silicone sealant products, promote the development of silicone sealant, with a positive attitude to meet the advent of the era of "big silicone sealant".


At the same time, we will also rely on our own technology and financial strength with domestic and foreign counterparts, universities, research institutes and other active scientific research projects of "production, university, research" cooperation, Shandong Jingmao New Material Co., Ltd. is looking forward to sincere cooperation with people from all over the world, seek common development, together to witness the rise of China's silicone sealant industry!

Advantages of enterprise human resource and advanced equipments


In the field of silicone sealant production, Jingmao has a high quality, high level, high requirements of technical research and development team, including industrial and special sealants research and development of industrial and special sealant business division; Committed to the realization of China's personalized customized decoration integrated color sealant  team; The silicone sealant inspection and testing center department, which focuses on inspection and testing, has more than 20 sets of various advanced inspection and testing equipment, incl. Microcomputer Controlled Electronic Universal Testing Machine, Moisture Meter Instrument, Electronic Densitometer, Water ULTRAVIOLET Radiation Test Chamber, Electrothermal Blowing Dry Box,Gas Chromatograph etc.
Silicone sealant laboratory aim to improve the physical and chemical properties of silicone sealant. In addition, the company also work with domestic and foreign industrial sealant and civil sealant enterprises to maintain long-term close academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation.

Advantages of technological innovation


For the core research team, the company has formed a research and development team of more than 20 people, and the number of research and development technology patents keeps rising. With the accumulation and breakthrough in technical innovation, Jingmao has gained wide acclaim and recognition in the customer groups of color sealant, industrial sealant and civil construction sealant. With the joining of company partners, the company has the strength to make further progress, inject more fresh blood into the original technological innovation of Jingmao, provide continuous power for the enterprise, so that the enterprise has a strong vitality and sustainable development.

Advantages of before-sale, in-sale and after-sale service


Jingmao has a wealth of production, research and development and on-site technical support service staff sale service, from pre-sale product consultation, product recommendation, and use of guidance and advice, to the later after-sales service support, all for the sake of customers, for customers to save costs and improve efficiency, and achieve a win-win situation with customers.