Bronze Door Use Silicone Sealant
It is single component, room temperature curing silicone sealant. Easy to apply, can maintain permanent elasticity, high weather resistance and adhesion.


·  Mainly used for all kinds of bronze aluminum doors and windows, PVC doors and windows and wood plate doors and windows installation.

· Used for sealing between glass, ceramic and various metal plates.

· Instructions for use: cannot be used as a structural binding assembly; do not apply to all surfaces where grease, plasticizer or solvent has been seeped; should not be used in enclosed spaces or in direct contact with food or drinking water surfaces; the surface temperature of the substrate is less than 4℃ or more than 40℃.

· Sealant construction sites pay special attention to maintain a good ventilation environment;

· If the eyes come into contact with the unsolidified adhesives, wash them with plenty of water and seek medical help;

Before using the product, the user must carry out compatibility and adhesion test to confirm that the product and the substrate can meet the construction requirements.

Shelf life

Store in dry environment and below 27℃. It is recommended to use within 9 months from the date of production.


· The curing speed is fast, and the thickness is fully cured in 24 hours when it is 0.3cm.

·  It has good adhesive property for most building materials.


300 ml/cartridge, 24 cartridges/carton; 590 ml/sausage, 20 sausages/carton.


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