Road Caulking Use Silicone Sealant JM 1573
It is specially designed for long-term weathering sealing of concrete road joints.


· Residential industrial precast concrete members (PC) seams sealing and waterproof.

· Transverse, longitudinal, centerline and shoulder joint sealing of concrete pavement.

· Sealing of concrete expansion joint of oil tank base, highway, airport, municipal (bridge, tunnel, warehouse, parking, settlement joint of building, stadium) Sealing of new concrete project joint of old concrete joint repair and maintenance.

Shelf life

12 months.


· Low modulus, high displacement capability, adapt to the displacement of concrete road joints.

· The artificial accelerated weathering test shows that its excellent weatherability is fully qualified for the harsh test of high and low temperature and strong ultraviolet environment of concrete road surface.
· When use, the sealant is injected from the package to the seams that have been cleaned. The sealant forms elastic silicone rubber under the action of moisture in the air at room temperature, and forms a long-lasting bond and durable seal in place.


590 ml/sausage, 20 sausages/carton.


White, black, grey and others as requested.